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Welcome to the Wiki of Legacy of Nightwind - The MMOARPG!
Legacy of Nightwind is a server for people in love with the realm of Midgard whilst also wanting a fresh touch of the game.

We offer an up-to-date, highly customised experience of Ragnarok where most aspects of the game are not what the average player is used to including cards, skills and monsters. The server is based around brand new systems with the intent of not only letting people enjoy new ways to play the game, but also to balance already existing features in ways we deem beneficial to the experience & enjoyment for us players.

And something else thats very important to note is that we'll be here for years and years and NEVER wipe so you'll never have to worry about losing your progress!

This wiki is currently being built by the community so bare with us please while we fill it out :)

Basic information

Renewal Base

Rates : 5/5/2

Max level : 250

Experience share range : 30 levels

Weekly Global Events

Instances can be Reset

4th jobs

Job Changer NPC

Removal of Dungeon Access Quests & Eden Group Quest Cooldowns

Global Quest & Instance Reset Timers at Midnight

For more in-depth questions see our FAQ.

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